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Checkups & eye glass repair in Show Low

 Our optometry office is dedicated to providing the highest level of eye care in the area. Schedule your appointment today and see how much clearer you can view the world around you!
Need a repair? No appointment necessary. Stop in for fast and friendly service with our optician, Bill.  

Eye and Vision Examinations

When you come in for your eye or vision exam, Dr. Gabe will be thorough. He checks for a variety of eye diseases, nearsighted and farsighted vision, and astigmatism. Depending on your medical history, additional testing may be required. Please feel free to ask any questions you feel necessary regarding your exam.   

Eye Glass Repairs

Things happen. The toddler grabs hold of your glasses and snaps the bridge; you drop your glasses and they get scratched; a projectile object such as a rock makes contact with your lens and causes it to crack. We offer a variety of eyeglass repairs to help you extend the life of your glasses. 

Emergency Eye Care

Whether you've got an emergency due to an injury or due to an eye disease, we can help you. Call our office, and we'll get you in right away. You'll find that Dr. Gabe is well-qualified and calm when it comes to handling emergency situations involving the eyes, no matter what the nature of the emergency is.

Specialty Testing

We only use top-of-the-line Zeiss equipment when performing these tests, to ensure the best possible pictures. Other eye problems that can be tested for is glaucoma, plaquenil, macular degeneration, and diabetic problems. 
We also have the equipment to assess Corneal Topography, which is used as diagnostic testing for corneal diseases, injuries, and post-operative checks to RK, Lasik, and ICL surgeries. 

School Vision Reports

The vast majority of school problems in general and reading in particular are visually related. Your child may see 20/20, but have difficulties in other aspects. There are three main problem areas we look for:
(1) Focusing Problems. Some children have difficulty changing focus from near to far. Your child may work so hard to focus while reading that they can become fatigued and words blur. 
(2) Perceptual Difficulties. To some children, "see spot run" appears as "se epso trun". They may have spatial relationship and letter reversal problems. 
(3) Eye Teaming. Troubles often lie with difficulties in using both eyes together for extended periods. Some children even see double.
If your child fails a school vision screening, Dr. Gabe will be more than happy to see him or her for further testing. Once a child's exam is done, our office staff will return a Vision Report to the school health technician. 
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